Giannis Giannoutsos
Architect ∙ Visual Artist




"City Link", Galleria Spyros Millios, Syntagma, 2013


Art & the City III - “Cities in the City”


PICAR, a member of the Piraeus Bank Group, and CITY LINK organized oncemore the original collective exhibition “Art and the City” with this year’s title was “Cities in the City” in the Stoa Spiromiliou from 5 November to 16 November 2012. Fifteen artists took part: Manolis Adonakis, Hristos Artemis, Evita Gavriil, Dimitra Georgiou, Giannis Giannoutsos, Eleni Ginosati, Sophia Grigoriadou, Stella Kapezanou, Despina Kariou, Mihalis Kiousis, Ageliki Mourati, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Vasiliki Pistikou, Ilias Polichroniadis and Giorgos Sampsonidis.


Giannis Giannoutsos took part in the exhibition with his work: "Never-ending City"



Spatial intervention, Spyros Milios Stoa, Syntagma Square, 2011.


The proposal provides for a solid prismatic mass in the city center. The prism serves as a landmark resonating in the midst of the public thoroughfare. The solid mass is accentuated along the vertical axis, pointing to the light and conveying a sort of skyward-looking symbolism. The mass itself acquires dimensions well exceeding the human scale and emphasizes its “otherworldly” quality: it symbolizes a solid, immutable world and stands as a contrapuntal antithesis to the never-ending movement within public space.